Thursday, July 2, 2020

King's Island's Orion and Vortex Link to Family History

Orion at Kings Island makes its run on Mr.STONEking's paternal grandfather's birthday, July 2th ("Two-th"), 2020.  The ride was test run on Mr. STONEking's maternal grandfather's birthday, 2/22/2020, and with a listed time of 5:29, the numbers of Mr. STONEking's birthday.

Vortex, the park's multi-looping coaster of thirty-three seasons, made its last run on October 27th, 2019, the birthday of Mr. STONEking's brother.

"Orion", the actual constellation, made its presence known when Mr. STONEking was leaving London 2018, and again, upon arriving back in the US on the same trip. After making mention of it in his journal months before, Kings Island then named its ride Orion.

These unique and peculiar tie-in's are discussed further in the upcoming Mr. STONEking book,
Gone Psycho:  A Latticework of Coincidences.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kings Island's Banshee Links Paranormal to Family History

An abridged excerpt from The Infinity Within.
There was growing hysteria on the Internet among the theme park fans about what Kings Island was building in the vacancy left by the demolition of Son Of Beast, in the area beside Flight Deck’s turn-around.  Speculation was in abundance about what was forthcoming.
Then, an announcement was made that park officials would be holding a media press conference for the new ride on the night of August 8th—my mother’s birthday.

            In wanting to share the moment, Thee Melinda and I drove down that day, despite the inclement weather, to hear what was forthcoming.  We managed to take in a few rides, with her first time on Diamondback in the back seat proving to be a wide-eyed, voluminous experience for the vibrant, luscious blonde.
We wandered over to the area where the press conference for Banshee was soon to be held.  It was arranged like a funeral with church pews strategically placed in front of a video projector screen and alongside Celtic cemetery grave markers.  
Thee Melinda of Bello One Designs at Banshee's Media Event 8/8/2013

The area lighting dimmed, and the presentation started with a video showing Son Of Beast rising above a moonlit cemetery, where the names on the tombstones were of defunct Kings Island rides, including The Bat and Screamin’ Demon.  An amplified, shrill screech echoed, and Son Of Beast went crumbling to the ground, as vibrant blue support columns came bursting from the soil, with purple-colored inverted track attaching itself. A train with screaming riders was taking on the ever-developing, multiple inversions of Banshee, the longest inverted coaster in the world.

Returning to Thee Melinda’s afterwards, she showed me a Halloween-themed catalogue of merchandise.  I opened the cover, only to reveal a Celtic cemetery with two female banshee-looking personages.

Theming Banshee after a female spirit and placing it in an area directly beside where I had an epiphany involving my mother earlier in the year is epic.  Even  Banshee's statistical numbers, including the cost, are relevant to personal circumstances in my existence, ‘24’ especially. 
The construction of Banshee over the next few months was constantly being displayed on a webcam situated high atop the park’s Eiffel Tower. Every time an element was complete, Kings Island would make announcements on their social network feeds.  What was more intense for me was seeing the dates of those completions synchronizing with my personal family history.
(Banshee track construction log:
Banshee’s first loop was completed on October 24th, the day my maternal grandfather passed away, and a date I write about extensively in my third book, On-Going Sagas:  A Testimony of Events.  

Its second loop, a vertical number encircling the lift, was finished on the very day my father was discovered motionless in bed.  

On November 4th, the  zero-g roll coincided with a great aunt’s and great niece’s birthday. 

The batwing, looking more like a pretzel, saw its completion on January 10th, a date when I was presented with a major choice, followed by the second vertical loop on the circuit fulfilling January 14th, my paternal grandmother’s birthday.  

Banshee's following elements, an upward curve and heartline roll came together starting on my sister’s anniversary, January 16th, and ending on my maternal grandparent’s anniversary, two days later, with the final track installed on January 23rd, a date which equates to 24.
Banshee is scheduled to open April 18th, 2014.
My goal, however, is to ride Banshee on April 19th, the day my mother died in my arms.

The Bat, Kings Island 2014
On October 29th, Kings Island made an announcement that Flight Deck, the ride beside Banshee, where the presence of my mother rode with me on my birthday, was being renamed The Bat.  When I heard the news, a ripple went through me.
Kings Island once had a prototype suspended coaster named The Bat lasting only three years due to design flaws.  I was on the first flight of The Bat in 1981.  
Years later, I managed to purchase one of the bat heads from the original ride on an eBay auction.
Mr. STONEking with The Bat.

In storing my father’s items following his burial, I discovered his journal where he wrote about riding The Beast with me three times one day in 1980.

I am filled with regret that I cannot recall doing so.  Both he and my mother were present when I took my 200th trip aboard that legendary machine, though I ran ahead to ride with Carl Eichelman, a man who logged more than 4,000 rides, and with whom I rode most of my circuits.  Not riding with my parents on my 200th remains one of my biggest regrets in life. 
Why these things relating to Kings Island and myself continue to occur in the manner in which they do is beyond me.  Some claim it is “coincidence”, yet I believe something greater is at hand, but what, precisely?  It is for certain this is going to be a banner year at the park, marking my 40th year of patronage, with The Beast celebrating its 35th, along with the resurrection of The Bat, and, of course, Banshee
Personally, I now see The Beast as my father, and me as The Bat beside my mother, Banshee.

So when the magical date of April 19th, 2014 arrived, Mr STONEking honored his mother by riding Banshee:  "I'm probably the only person to ever wear a tuxedo shirt to Kings Island."

Read the full, unabridged version here.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Midge Ure, and The Spirit of Black Pussy

My use of the word "pussy" to describe the feline species is often met with gross misinterpretation. I credit Mrs. Slocombe of the British sitcom Are You Being Served? for her proper use of "pussy" in the English, not American, vocabulary. In the event that I offend someone, Fantastic!

The year of 2012 was one of great endurance and transition. My Mother passed away in my arms minutes after Dick Clark. A month later, Donna Summer went. On New Year's Eve, my beloved pussy of 13 years, Adam, made his Departure. Everyone affiliates New Year's Eve with Dick Clark, but it is also the birthday of Donna Summer.

I needed a break from it all, and went heading North to see Midge Ure perform at Cleveland's Beachland Ballroom. Following Midge's performance there in 2002, he announced to the tavern attendees, of which there were 46, "See you in ten years!" He was keeping his word.

With cooperative weather, I started my trek by swinging through the Centerville Post Office on Paragon Road to drop off mail. At the front of the entry driveway lay a freshly-hit black pussy streaming its liquid red life onto the street.

Carry On.

I arrived in Cleveland in what felt like no time, despite the four-hour distance. With time to spare, I ventured down the street to dine at the ever-popular Muldoon's, with its always-gratifying Irish Egg Rolls. Psyched about the Midge Ure show, I ate rapidly, then went back to the Beachland Ballroom, whose doors weren't scheduled to open for another hour.

Beside the Beachland Ballroom is an actual record store appropriately named Music Saves, complete with new, freshly-pressed albums. With time to spare, and a curiosity, I entered the shop, only to be subject to a communicative black pussy on the album racks named Vinyl, looking much like my dearly beloved Adam. Vinyl kept encouraging me to stroke her, and even posed for some photo ops.

After leaving Vinyl and Music Saves, I went back into the frigid Cleveland lake effect to wait for the Beachland Ballroom to open the doors. Once inside, instead of a ticket for admission, my left hand was stamped with a paw print.

The following night, in Detroit's 'Fashionable Ferndale' ala Melrose, Midge Ure was playing at another intimate venue called The Magic Bag. Its logo is a black pussy, and the interior light fixtures feature steel plates with cat eye carvings.

My guest that night was pointing out all the pussy in The Magic Bag. She is a witness to many of Mr. STONEking's paranormal events, including ones in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, land of The Mothman Prophecies.

Historically, the battle at Point Pleasant took place on October 10, 1774.
Midge Ure's birthday is October 10th.

In December 2002, I was sitting in the lobby of The Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia with the owner, Ruth Finley, and a hotel resident, who was working the ultra sound at the local hospital. She was telling Ruth and I of her Midge Ure interest, as she was planning to make a trek to some massive event in the UK featuring Midge Ure and Howard Jones.

Ruth Finley made mention of a Cleveland band staying on the top floor that night at The Lowe Hotel. At that moment, an entourage was coming down the stairs. Introduced with my head tossed back politely, I asked if they ever play the Beachland Ballroom? A tall man with flowing red hair exclaimed, "Play it? ! I work there!"

As I spun around, he recognized me from two months prior, this time in casual street clothes, unlike the Flintstone fur and bones I wore then merely to stay extra warm.

To his band mates he exclaimed, "Guys! This is who you want to party with! He dressed like Fred Flintstone at the Midge Ure show!"

Back in 2010, Midge Ure granted permission for Mr. STONEking to open the live recording benefit fund raiser for Outreach for Animals with his Rockin' instrumental "Monster", to which Great Thanks is is still given.

As for The Spirit of Black Pussy, and the relation to my dearly departed, and all represented with his charming nature, please pay homage to him and his cameo appearance by viewing "You Can Run".

My pussy's Spirit remains alive in the corridors of my homestead, and also along the path up North for the Midge Ure shows.

I am Walking Proof.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mr. STONEking Live with The Audio Showband at Gilly's Jazz Club, 7/14/2012

After months of planning, and weeks of rehearsals, Mr. STONEking teamed up with Dayton's old school funk masters, The Audio Showband.

The show, which took place on July 14th, 2012 at Gilly's Jazz Club in Dayton, Ohio, was recorded in both audio and video formats.  Mr. STONEking and The Audio Showband will be releasing the audio material in MP3 download format.

A live version of David Bowie's hit, "Let's Dance", is the lead single and video off Mr. STONEking's  Movember EP, slated for an autumn release.  Other live tracks include a take on Madonna's "Music" blended with No Doubt's "Hella Good", and the funk classic "Love Rollercoaster" from The Ohio Players, complete with a rap Mr. STONEking wrote exclusively for The Audio Showband's involvement, which leads into Def Leppard's "Rock Of Ages".
photo by S. Luoma

Monday, July 16, 2012

Antioch University Commencement Speech, 2012
Jeffrey P. STONEking

Good Afternoon.
It is a humbling honour to stand before my fellow graduates, the class of 2012, and our support system comprised of family and loved ones here in this grande venue on this very significant day.  Antioch is an awareness.
We live in a time when we can connect with everyone on the planet, yet we've never been lonelier.  It is a time when people ask machines for the truth, and the Spirit each of us is comprised of is entirely disregarded.
Social networks and the devices to connect to them are the new gods.
There is documented proof  that you become what you put in your personal space.  If you are devoting and allowing your valuable time to be hypnotized and desensitized by the vile nature of Hollywood and the Internet's violent and profane imagery, you are magnetizing it to your existence.
Mahatma Gandhi said, "Harbour impurity of mind and body and you have untruth and violence in you."
As we stand on the threshold of prophecy fulfillment, be prepared for that which is to come.  Let us cast aside the corporate charmers with their stopwatch hearts, and never bow down to the corrupt United States federal government and its deplorable elected officials.

Our current President and Commander-in-chief, who is seeking re-election, recently appointed the vice-president of Monsanto as Senior advisor to the FDA.  Let us remember that Monsanto is the manufacturer of Agent Orange, along with the GMOs plaguing our food supply.  
In the classrooms of Antioch, we discuss current circumstances, some which echo the horrors of science fiction.
Are you noticing the uncommon positions of the sun and the moon?
Will you receive a cancer-causing micro-chip implant under your skin for identification purposes, and allow an unknown official or agency to monitor you?
Do you believe everything the media and elected officials want you to believe?  Or do you seek truth?
The goal of education is to bring forth that which is already within, and by studying history, as we do at Antioch, that knowledge and wisdom is enhanced to allow for a greater and more fulfilling future.  History also reveals answers to life-long questions worth pondering.
For example, in ancient China, along the Silk Road, a harlot had a very popular caravan tent.  Her name was two words, and I'll spell it, P-o-o S-e-e.  Poo See.

Our rich, local history reveals the words of The Great Shawnee Warrior, Tecumseh, who said,
"Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
Trouble no one about his religion.
Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours.
Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.
Seek to make your life long and of service to your people.
Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.
Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend,
or even a stranger, if in a lonely place.
Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.
When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light,
for your life, for your strength.
Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.
If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.
Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools
and robs the spirit of its vision."
Every one of us here, regardless of gender or ethnicity, has the opportunity to make life a positive and rewarding human experience.  I encourage everyone to make your life an inspiring message worth sharing.

The quote from Antioch's founding father, Horace Mann, bears a stronger message now more than ever, "Be ashamed to die until you have won some  victory for humanity".
As Antioch graduates, we must also ask ourselves, will we follow in the footsteps of our noted alumni?
Will you harness and implement the ingenuity of our former president, Arthur E. Morgan?
Or take a stance against the evils of racism, as Coretta Scott King did?
Like Leonard Nimoy, will you boldly go where no man has gone before?
Perhaps you will unlock Rod Serling's door with the key of imagination, and discover another dimension of sight, sound, and mind, and a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas!
Finally, a  Great-Grandson of Chief Little Turtle, who is also an Antioch University graduate, and is here in attendance today, said, and I quote, "Even though Antioch can be frustrating, so is life. When all is said and done, it was a great experience in tolerance, patience, fortitude, ingenuity, pride, dedication, and growth."
With that, I am Walking Proof.
Carry On!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Antioch University: Mr. STONEking At The Fire! announcement

In keeping the tradition of Native American story-telling, At The Fire!, the second EP installment from Mr. STONEking, sends everyone on a historic journey.  Grab your purple socks and purple haze for this three-track digital EP.

Its opening track,"Crazy Horses" heeds with its prophetic warnings.  Allow the Magic Hands of Mr. STONEking to hypnotize its message into your fiber.  

Next, hop on-board for a quick dream trip on the bus to "Indian Lake", where you'll meet Chief Walking Proof.  Filmed on location at Indian Lake, Ohio, on July 2th (pronounced 'tooth'), this footage sent admitted concerns to those familiar with the occurrences at Indian Lake later in the afternoon.

Finally, the political warpath of "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)" in its video commentary sends a blatant message to all registered voters.

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