Thursday, July 2, 2020

King's Island's Orion and Vortex Link to Family History

Orion at Kings Island makes its run on Mr.STONEking's paternal grandfather's birthday, July 2th ("Two-th"), 2020.  The ride was test run on Mr. STONEking's maternal grandfather's birthday, 2/22/2020, and with a listed time of 5:29, the numbers of Mr. STONEking's birthday.

Vortex, the park's multi-looping coaster of thirty-three seasons, made its last run on October 27th, 2019, the birthday of Mr. STONEking's brother.

"Orion", the actual constellation, made its presence known when Mr. STONEking was leaving London 2018, and again, upon arriving back in the US on the same trip. After making mention of it in his journal months before, Kings Island then named its ride Orion.

These unique and peculiar tie-in's are discussed further in the upcoming Mr. STONEking book,
Gone Psycho:  A Latticework of Coincidences.

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